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The landlord's pre-holiday checklist

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Posted Aug 05 2014, Posted By James Hood

Going on vacay? Whether it’s Cornwall or Croatia, if you’re going to be out of touch (or out on a jetski) for any length of time it’s a good idea to get a few of these property housekeeping tasks ticked off the list. Then you can focus on a well-earned break.

Tell your tenants or managing agent
Even though in this day and age we’re never completely out of touch with people, it’s still sensible to tell your tenants, Outlet, or your property services agent, when you leave London or home for a trip. You probably use email, phone or maybe even Facebook and Twitter to connect with and contact your tenants, but there are times when internet access is unreliable. So inform who ever you need to of the best way to get in touch in an emergency. We also think it’s a good idea to send out a letter about two weeks before you leave, giving tenants an opportunity to tell you anything important – such as whether they are planning to move out or if they are going away at the same time.

Choose an ‘In Case of Emergency’ back up
Your parents, best mate or son or daughter (if they’re old enough) would usually be an ideal emergency contact in case you really are incommunicado for a day or more. We know for a fact there’s no phone reception in the Whit Sundays off the coast of Eastern Australia, for example. So if you’re going somewhere far afield, ask someone close to you if they’d mind stepping in and making decisions on your behalf while your away. Make sure you tell your tenants or managing agent who you have chosen to help.

Sort out the keys
Make sure keys to all your properties are securely put away, just in case something happens to you or your own home while you’re away. It’s not always a good idea to put the address labels on a set of keys but we do recommend explaining to one of your emergency contacts what they are for and where you keep them.

Make sure you’re covered
We’re not just talking about sunscreen - now is a good time to check up on all your insurance policies as a matter of routine. If you keep on top of all the paperwork you’ll probably know when the renewal dates are and if Outlet is managing your properties we keep an eye on that too. But double check you’re covered for things like flooding, burst pipes, storm damage and any other eventuality is a wise move before you jet off. It will make life much easier and much less worrying if you’re dealing with a drama while pool-side in Thailand.

Other than that, all that remains to be said is have a great holiday. We’re not jealous at all. Photos please!

Would you like to have permanent piece of mind knowing your property is being looked after by pros? Find out more about our management services, which can really take the pressure and stress out of being a landlord. Call us on 020 3642 6882.

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Posted By James Hood
Category: Landlords
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