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The (life changing) 5 Minute Kitchen Speed Clean

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Posted Jun 05 2014, Posted By James Hood

We’ve spent many a night staring at a messy kitchen from the sofa and dreading the task ahead of us. So in order to help ourselves and others in despair, we’ve devised the ‘5 Minute, post-dinner, Kitchen Speed Clean’ that is, quite frankly, a life-changer. Here's the step by step guide. Go!

Step 1. Equipment at the ready
We recommend keeping all your cleaning products in one place, whether it’s under the sink, under the stairs or in the utility room. It is handy to put essential sprays and sponges in a bucket so you can move around the house with them. For The 5 Minute Kitchen Speed Clean, you will need a cloth or sponge, antibacterial kitchen spray, glass cleaner, some floor cleaner, a teatowel, a mop and bucket.

Step 2. Pop the kettle on
Now, don’t get excited, you haven’t earned a cup of tea just yet. This will be for your pots and pans and your floor bucket.

Step 3. Dishwasher duty
While the kettle’s boiling, move all utensils and plates into the dishwasher. Here's a little loading tip that will save you time when you come to take it all out – group your stuff into categories and keep them together. Then place them in the dishwasher on the closest side to their cupboards for easy peasy unloading.

Step 4. Clear the surfaces
Now finish clearing away, tidying up your herb jars, putting away the ketchup and freezing or refridgerating any leftovers. The goal at this stage is to have a completely clear surface by the time your kettle’s boiled. It’s like being on that TV show The Cube.

Step 5. Kettle’s boiled
Pour your boiled water into any pots or pans you used while cooking and leave to soak. Then pour a load into your floor bucket with a dollop of cleaning liquid/gel.

Step 6. Time to shine
Take your sponge and cleaning spray and start at the back of the worktops. Clean any splashbacks then the surfaces and quickly give things like your coffee jar a quick wipe to remove any dirt from cooking. Gradually move to the edge of the surface and then wipe down the front of your oven with the glass cleaner and teatowel to finish off.

Step 7. Nearly done
Rinse your pots and place in the dishwasher. Then for a kitchen that sparkles, make sure you give your taps a quick rinse and wipe.

Step 8. Finish with the floor
Grab your mop and bucket and whizz round the floor in a flash. For a super clean, make sure you run the mop over your baseboards (they are what connects the floor to your cupboards).

Step 9. Hit the sofa
Put your feet up just in time for Gogglebox to start and feel completely satisfied with your stealth-like attack on your dirty kitchen. Victory is yours as well as twinkling taps! Well, until breakfast at least.

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Posted By James Hood
Category: Homely Things
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