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Reasons property management is a no brainer

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Posted May 07 2014, Posted By James Hood

Hiring a property services company like Outlet can mean all the worries, stress and drama of renting out a property just fade away. No more chasing rent payments, no more calls at 7am about the hot water… the list goes on. We can take care of it all, so you can get on with other things. Here are some of the other reasons property management is a no brainer.

  • We collect rent from tenants and then transfer the money to your own bank account. But the best bit is we also chase payments if anyone is late coughing up the cash.
  • You’ll get regular statements of things like rental income, fees and so on.
  • We visit your property occasionally to check all is ok there and then feedback to you.
  • Maintenance issues are our responsibility. You won’t get direct calls from tenants about leaking pipes, broken windows, red wine on the carpet, that sort of thing. We can deal with it all, using reputable, Outlet-approved contractors, following your approval of course. We will always make sure we give you costs before going ahead with any work too.
  • We can offer advice on where you should be putting your tenancy deposit as well as plenty other expert legal stuff.
  • At the start and end of a tenancy, we can get in touch with all the utilities companies to manage the sign ups, account closures and all that jazz.
  • Throughout a tenancy, we will keep an eye on gas and safety checks that are required and will even arrange visits, assessments and certificates for you. 
  • We keep an eye on your tenancy renewal dates, which can be really handy if you’ve got a lot of properties to remember. We can also take care of all that pesky paperwork such as contracts and tenancy agreement extensions.
  • We’ll keep your property occupied. It’s important for your investment that you keep any periods where the property is empty to a minimum. Outlet has a database of people looking for a place to live, so we’re rarely short of options if you’re looking for a tenant.
  • Tenants love it. Many people renting a property are reassured when there is a property agent managing a property. It gives them added peace of mind that all the processes, procedures, contracts and payments will be managed well and that any issues are dealt with quickly.

We're offering FREE property management for three months to any landlords who sign up with us online. Find out more information or sign up right here.

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Posted By James Hood
Category: Landlords
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