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How to be a landlord tenants love

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Posted Mar 05 2014, Posted By James Hood

It’s often the people renting a property who get a bad rap. But there are things landlords can do to make sure everyone gets along and has a tenancy without any hiccups. Here are some sure-fire ways of encouraging tenants to treat you and your property with a little R E S P E C T.

Be nice
If you’ve had a less-than rosy experience with tenants in the past, it can be easy to assume they’re all as bad as each other. So give them a chance and be nice. If you start off on the right foot, chances are you’ll all communicate better and you might just find you never have any rent dramas too.

Get excited for them
Although it’s a business transaction for you, it’s a new home for your tenants. Leave them a ‘welcome’ card for when they arrive or, if you can afford it, prepare a little parcel of supplies like tea, coffee and biscuits. It sounds a little quaint but it could make a big difference to the way they look after your carpets.

Leave the place gleaming
A massive complaint of tenants moving in to a new property is that it hasn’t been left in a presentable or tidy state. Imagine how you’d like it to look when you arrived and do a little pre-tenant inspection. Little touches like making sure the entrance hall is vacuumed or the lawn is mowed won’t go unnoticed.

Lay the ground rules early
Most landlords have some priorities when it comes to maintaining the value of a property. Whether it’s the garden or the flooring you want kept in ship shape, tell your tenants. It’s worthwhile making it known that there are certain things you would appreciate their help with.

I just called to say
Some landlords will avoid their tenants like the plague in case they ask them for a new washing machine. But a quick phone call once in a blue moon can mean that long-term problems are resolved early and your tenants will know you care. So even if you’re paying for a managing agent, it doesn’t hurt to check in with them once in a while. Ask how they like their home, thank them for paying their rent promptly (as long as they do) and ask if there’s anything they need.

Rapid repairs
Bit of an obvious one this, but we hear a lot of tenants complain about their landlord’s slack response to repairs. Remember that a small outlay of cost to get a  to work that needs to be done. Make sure that you prioritise leaks, heating issues or anything that will give them cause to complain or withhold rent. It’ll pay off in the long run.

Reward good behaviour
Ok, we know they’re not dogs. But why not give your tenants a little treat for being considerate and looking after the place? Small gestures like a random oven cleaning or a bunch of flowers are a nice way of saying ‘thanks for not wrecking the joint’.

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Posted By James Hood
Category: Landlords
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