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We love Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green

Living in Bethnal Green

An artistic hub that's become equal parts bohemian and boutique.

No longer a place to avoid after dark, Bethnal Green has been reinvigorated by young creatives looking for a slice of east London and the ongoing revival of the wider area.

This wonderfully dishevelled part of the city has developed a cool arts scene and a modest gastronomic culture while still holding onto the grit and charm that makes it a unique place to call home. Every new artisan cafe or boutique shop that springs up here is testament to the direction that Bethnal Green is heading - yet another district in the east of the city that's well on its way from zero to hero.


Bethnal Green property

Despite its lowlier status until recently, Bethnal Green’s proximity to the City means that it’s never been short of desirable properties. Around 3,000 properties were damaged or destroyed during the Blitz, but there are still some very desirable streets with beautiful Georgian and Victorian terraces.

Good places to look include the Jesus Green and Globe Road conservation areas, as well as Cyprus Road and the aptly-named Paradise Row. Many of the houses here tend to be of the two- and three-bedroom variety. There are plenty of large mansion blocks and new developments, while City workers will also appreciate the many modern loft apartments.

We say:

Ideal for creative people who love to interact with the community. On the weekends, the residents of Bethnal Green come out in their droves to frequent the galleries, drink up in the pubs or hunt for bric-a-brac in the wide array of vintage shops and boutiques.

Your neighbours

The Neighbours
A bubbling hub of culture, Bethnal Green has its fair share of arty types, musicians and trend-setters, but you’ll also find a lot of young professionals opting for the dusty-charm of the east over the polished-sheen of the west. And don’t forget about the original East Enders - they were here long before the rest.

What you'll find

What you'll find
Creative vibe with a charming rough-and-ready veneer.

Property prices

Property prices
Average 2-bedroom rental: £2,101 per calendar month.

Average 2-bedroom property: £509,747.


The Lifestyle
During the week, Bethnal Green is lively enough so that you’re never far away from something to do, but not bogged down by throngs of tourists. At the weekend, you’ll struggle to find a better atmosphere in the city.

Do not expect

Do not expect
An abundance of glass and chrome - this is still very much a part of the real east London, albeit a part that’s becoming increasingly trendy.

You'll fall in love with

You fall in love with
Being close enough to central London to see the city, but far enough away to avoid the crowds where you live. You’re also very close to Shoreditch, Haggerston and Dalston.

Local transport Transport
Bethnal Green Underground station is served by the Central line, giving you access to west London. Only two stops away from Bank, you also can easily connect to the Northern line.
Local destinations Distances
The London Eye: 15 minute by tube
The Tower of London: 20 mins on the tube
Heathrow Airport: 90 mins on the tube
Gatwick Airport: 60 mins by tube and train
Kings Cross: 25 mins on the tube
National Gallery: 30 mins on the tube

Sights around Bethnal Green

Bethnal Green

As a part of the new east London revival, Bethnal Green is one to watch for the future. Already earmarked as a place for young artists, the warehouses and empty storefronts here (or what’s left of them) are fast filling up with art galleries, creative spaces and even the odd boutique hotel - the sky's the limit for this part of the city.

Bethnal Green

Unlike neighbour Shoreditch, where the quirkiness is beginning to feel a little forced, Bethnal Green still has that raw charm, grounding it as a real place to live rather than a social statement.

Other great places to...

Typing Room


Typing Room
Town Hall Hotel, Patriots Sq

Food prepared with the meticulous care you’d of Michelangelo, a wonderfully splendid decor that screams sophistication and a chef - Lee Westcott - that just happens to have worked in some of the world’s finest establishments; Typing Room is a modernist delight right on your doorstep. Go see what all the fuss is about.

The Star of Bethnal Green


The Star of Bethnal Green
359 Bethnal Green Road

A modern take on the traditional East End boozer, this pub is great for all occasions. Whether you’re after a quiet one after work, a late one on Friday night or a relaxed one on Sunday afternoon, the Star won’t disappoint. As well as a decent range of ales and beers, the food here has a decidedly Caribbean twist to it. For locals, there’s a special members’ card that entitles you to discounts, free birthday drinks and more.

House of Vintage


House of Vintage
4 Cheshire Street

TIn a land where cool vintage shops are the norm, House of Vintage does well to stretch its neck that little bit higher than the rest. What sets this place apart from others is that it’s really vintage, not that second-hand charity shop vintage that you so commonly find masquerading as the real deal. With one-off items from the 1920s to the 1980s, you’re sure to find something to make you look even more fabulous than usual here.

visit house of vintage

Bethnal Green Working Men's Club


Bethnal Green Working Men's Club
42 Pollard Row

It’s hard to decide exactly what this place is at first. Is it a club? A bar? A burlesque club? We’re not really sure. But whatever you decide it is, one thing’s for certain, it’s a lot of fun and a cracking evening out. Known for its diverse range of live music, contemporary performance and comedy, the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club makes for an intriguing night out on your doorstep. The drink prices aren’t too bad either.

Passionate About Fitness


Passionate About Fitness
35-25 Scrutton Street

While there are plenty of places to indulge in Bethnal Green, there’s a few to get fit as well. Passionate About Fitness takes a goal-orientated approach to keeping fit, whether you want to lose weight, get advice on nutrition or just improve your general health. There’s even the option to enlist the help of a personal trainer, for those times when you just can’t face the gym alone.



46 Redchurch Street

The kind of place you’d imagine Laurence Olivier would stop in for a trim, Murdock is a classy little barbers in the East End. Hair, beards and moustaches are tackled with old-school craft, and, should you wish to see the end of any facial growth, it will be removed with the utmost care and dedication - grooming perfection.

Lily Vanilli


The Lily Vanilli Bakery
The Courtyard, Ezra St.

Whether you’re buying cake for a special occasion or the special occasion just happens to be that you need cake, your sweet craving is sure to be soothed here. Open every Sunday between 8:30am - 4pm, this Time Out and Vogue-rated bakery is one of the best in the area. It’s a good job it’s only open once a week, or the dentists in Bethnal Green would be cleaning up, and not in a good way.

Rich Mix


Rich Mix
35-47 Bethnal Green Rd.

You don’t have to go far in Bethnal Green to find art, but why not go somewhere where it’s all under one roof? Rich Mix a community arts centre that specialises in everything from contemporary dance and storytelling to live gigs and art installations. There’s even a cinema which shows a combination of art house, for when you’re feeling intelligent, and Hollywood blockbusters, for when you just want to see something get blown up.

Bethnal Green estate agents


Our Turner St office is just on the southern edge of Bethnal Green, and we know all the ins and outs of each neighbourhood. As always, we have new properties coming on our books all the time, so if you don’t see what you want on our website, please register your details with us – you’ll then be the first to know of any new properties for sale or to rent in Bethnal Green.

For more information, see our Whitechapel agency details, or call 020 3696 4144 or send an email to


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