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tips to sell your property

Tips for selling your property

Advice for selling property - A few pointers to help you sell your property!

A few minor home improvements could really aid in speeding up the sale of your property and in trying to obtain the best possible price. It is therefore well worth spending a bit of time and money on some home improvements. Follow some or all of our selling tips and you will find your property selling a lot quicker and at the price you really desire.

Outlet's Top Tips for selling property

First impressions really do count and many buyers will have already formed an impression before they have even stepped across the threshold of your property. A tidy and well-kept front garden or entrance way with newly painted front door are immediately appealing whereas scruffy and bin bag littered entrances may turn many prospective buyers away.

Complete list of improvements to consider:

  • De-clutter – do not underestimate the appeal of a tidy property.
  • Remove any personal items such as family photographs and children’s pictures as these can distract potential buyers.
  • Complete any small DIY jobs such as painting walls and ceilings and finish all minor repairs.
  • Clean and dust the whole house thoroughly including rugs or carpets. Consider using professional cleaners.
  • Choose the correct lighting for each space which can improve the mood of the room.
  • If any rooms have bright colours it is normally a good idea to neutralise them, research shows most buyers prefer natural, earthy colours to bright and bold shades. Magnolia is still the number one selling paint colour.
  • Ensure outside space is tidy and lawns are cut. Remove any dead foliage and cut back overgrown flower beds. Planting fresh greenery and flowers always brightens up outside spaces.
  • Air the property regularly by opening windows and purchasing a few plug in air fresheners. Also remove any signs of pets for viewings as some buyers may be allergic to animal hair. Fresh flowers and fruit bring colour to a room whilst also adding a pleasant smell.
  • Organise rooms so that they have a defined purpose. Rooms that have some furniture usually give a better impression than those with none.

When working through the improvements on your property remember the purpose is to try and present your home in the best possible way so as to make it fully marketable, attracting the widest possible audience as well as seeking the highest price.

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