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Samantha Mortner Flores

Samantha Mortner

Samantha Mortner Flores - InTown, Rio

Born and bred in London Samantha started her career in the music industry working for Sony music`s press team but soon branched out into more general TV and entertainment publicity. She worked her way up the heady world of PR to become a director at Taylor Herring PR, where her clients included The British Comedy Awards through to Robbie Williams.

However all this changed in 2006 when Samantha discovered her true love, Rio de Janeiro, and emigrated to warmer climates. Along with the weather change came a career move into property investment that soon grew into property consultancy.

Samantha Mortner Flores - Q and A

What inspired you to work in property?

Rio de Janeiro was my inspiration! I started my first property consultancy here to help foreign buyers purchase there dream property in Brazil.

The buying process can seem daunting and I wanted to help people make their dream of buying a little piece of paradise a reality. Having navigated the buying process on my own for a few years I felt I could help other foreign buyers achieve the same with a lot less stress and worry than they were facing.

What services do you offer or specialise in relating to property?

Brazil’s property market has experienced an unparalleled growth in the last few years. The InTown Group was created to meet the needs of an expanding discerning clientele with a unique understanding of what they require. InTown Group combines InTown Property; an experienced multi-lingual property services consultancy with InTown Architecture; a cutting-edge architectural and construction firm known for its chic, modern and eco-design projects.

The result is a one-stop shop for sophisticated investors and home-buyers from Brazil and abroad. The Group, founded in January 2012 it has already netted two International Property Awards and for good reason.

Staffed by a multi-lingual team with extensive experience in real estate and business in Brazil and overseas, InTown Group provides a personalized high-level professional service tailored to the demands of today’s international clients.

InTown Property has been awarded for its excellence in property consultancy and provides clients with highly personalized services in sales, property finding and administration. InTown Property is based in Rio de Janeiro, but represents premium real estate in other Brazilian locations, as well as internationally. InTown´s portfolio contains some of the most desirable luxury properties in Brazil.

Where is your favourite place to live in your city?

I have lived in Ipanema for over five years now (cue the music The Girl from Ipanema) and I can’t imagine a more pleasant place to live!

I can start my day by walking to the famous Ipanema beach that stretches right down to neighbouring Leblon and stop at one of the many kiosks for ice cold coconut water. Or if I decide to walk in the other direction to the back of Ipanema you find the lake, Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, a sea water lagoon with a paved biking path of 7.5km that is perfect for jogging round if you are feeling active or a leisurely pedalo ride and sunset cocktails at the restaurant Palaphita if not!

What are your favourite things to do in Rio? Why should people live there?

Rio is a city unlike any other in the world where you are surrounded by not only the famous beaches but lakes, waterfalls, mountains and the world’s biggest urban rainforest.

This means that you have access to all kinds of outdoor activities; from trekking to sailing and paragliding to surfing all within minutes of each other.

What do you find inspirational as a place or building in your city?

For me it is simple, the beach, whether it’s a quick trip after a hard day at the office, a Sunday walk when they close the beachside road to cars or an afternoon with friends and caiparinhas its always a happy place for me.

Best night out in Rio?

My best night out in Rio has to be the Samba Schools, starting around September rehearsals begin for the following years Carnival parade and every Saturday night you can go along hear the music and of course join in with the Samba dancing!

Samantha likes:

Architecture, dancing, chocolate, samba, sunshine, reading, travelling, tattoos

Samantha dislikes:

Bigotry, ignorance, cabbage, supermarket shopping, people who leave their rubbish on the beach

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