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renting help

Renting help

Making moving easy

Some handy tips and helpful reminders for renters on what to do when you’re going from one property to another.


Sofas, beds and other furniture can all take a while to be delivered. So you might need to order sooner rather than later if you don’t want to watch TV on a cardboard box.

Removals services

Do you need help moving all your belongings? Many people think they own less than they actually do and the task can become a difficult and time-consuming one! Hiring a professional removal company is a worthwhile investment, but they do get booked up quickly in the summer months. If you don’t have a house full of stuff, but you still want help transporting bits of furniture, hiring a ‘man with a van’ is also a wise move.


If you are moving into a smaller property, or just want to store some of your things, local storage facilities can be very cost-effective. To arrange storage with the Big Yellow Storage Company, click here for more information.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificates)

An EPC is a legal requirement for any property being advertised for sale of rent in the UK. So if you’re about to rent your property out, you need to get one within 28 days of putting your property on the market.

Tell people you’re moving

Making sure you update your address information is really important to help prevent identity theft and fraud. Everyone has a list of people that they need to inform, but here are some of the key contacts…

  • Banks and anyone who holds your bank account information
  • Loyalty cards such as Tesco Clubcard
  • Store cards
  • Insurance companies
  • Mobile phone and landline providers
  • Utility companies
  • TV and cable companies and TV license
  • Employers
  • DVLA and anything car related
  • Child benefits, the local council and HMRC (if required)
  • Friends and family
  • Pensions providers

Packing boxes

Your removal company may provide these for you, but if you are moving on your own, you can buy these at large post offices, stationery shops, storage businesses and online.

Start packing (NOW!)

Keep stress to a mimimum by starting your packing early. The sooner you organise the things you do and don’t want, the easier it will be on move day.

Get broadband sorted

Trust us – getting the internet set up in your new property can take a while (and none of us likes to be without it these days). So get in touch with your broadband provider as soon as you know your move date and ask them what the procedure is for getting it sorted.

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