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lets with pets

Live with your best friend

Pet owners – how to find and keep pet-friendly lets

Are you finding it tough to find a pet friendly landlord? Well we are one of the few London estate agents going out of our way to encourage property owners to accept tenants and their beloved pets. We have signed up to the brilliant Lets with Pets scheme by the Dogs Trust and are now on a mission to convince landlords and other letting agencies to accept pets.  Outlet, your pet friendly letting agent!

When looking for a property with your pet, you can improve your chances by being prepared and proving that you’re a responsible pet owner.

Here are some tips to make it easier for you to find the right tenancy and to ensure that it runs smoothly, plus some pointers on what to expect:

Look early – Give yourself plenty of time and allow six to eight weeks, just in case.

Be flexible – You may have to compromise on the area you want to live in and the specifications of the property your rent.

Get references – Either from your previous landlord or from a vet. Try and make them reasonably detailed: how long you lived in a property with your pet, the character of your pet, how responsible you are as an owner, and so on.

Write a pet CV – Like a human own, except here the important information here is age, nature of breed, vaccinations, time in previous tenancy and so forth. A picture is a good idea as well (the cuter the better), as some landlords won’t know what to expect with more exotic pets or obscure breeds of cat or dog. And don’t forget to add those references, of course.

Introduce your pet – You know how gentle and lovable your beloved Fido is, but your potential landlord has never seen him – so why not let them make their acquaintance?

Be honest – It may be tempting to sneak in a pet without permission, but you’ll be in breach of your tenancy agreement – and landlords tend to find out sooner or later.

Getting a new pet? – If you are thinking of getting another pet, then consider ones which are most suitable for living in a London flat or house. If a dog, then smaller, more docile and non-shedding breeds are obvious examples.

Higher deposit – We generally ask for eight weeks’ rather than six weeks’ rent as a deposit if you have a pet, to cover any potential damage a pet might cause. We realise this is a lot of money, however for peace of mind all funds are registered by ourselves with the DPS (Deposit Protection Service - a government-backed scheme).

Pet payment – Sometimes a landlord may require a non-refundable pet payment at the beginning of a tenancy to cover the cost of professionally cleaning the carpets, soft furnishings and curtains once you’ve moved out. We always aim to provide you with a written estimate for professional cleaning, so that you’ll know that what you’re being asked to pay is fair.

Be responsible – You probably already are a good pet owner, but with a minority of owners not taking noise/fouling/damage issues seriously, it makes finding a rental harder for everyone else.

Be prepared – Always make sure that vaccinations are up to date. It’s also a good idea to have your dog or cat micro-chipped. And you may even wish to consider insurance. All of these things demonstrate to a landlord that you take good care of your pet – and are likely to get take good care of their property too.

Get it in writing – Rent via us and you’ll be sure to have an agreement about pets in writing. Rent elsewhere and sometimes a vague assurance will be all you have – not much good if the landlord suddenly decides that your pet isn’t welcome any more.

Talk to us – As well as the highlighted pet-friendly properties on our website - look for the Goldfish Symbol symbol - we may have ‘off plan’ pet-friendly landlords we can put you in touch with.

If you have any questions, or would like us to find you a pet-friendly rental, please contact us

And if you’re currently struggling to find a rental for you and your pet, take heart. With our help, there are plenty of happy endings

Outlet loves pets

Diane with cats

Without your help, and Outlet’s, we would still be in a temporary hotel and my pets in a cold shed. We were so relieved to have found somewhere so quickly

Diane Smith and her cats

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