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expert rental advice

Expret rental advice

Tenants property renting advice from the Outlet professionals

Where do I begin?

The actual first step is to contact Outlet either in person or over the phone so we can discuss your exact requirements and register your details.

We will ask you quite a lot of questions because we want ensure we send you the correct property details and only show you properties that match your requirements.

Normally you have a desirable area in mind in which to live. If you are new to the city or unsure it might be helpful to read our area guides which cover most of London. Outlet staff are extremely knowledgeable in most areas of London so they will be able to assist by giving advice and personal feedback.

After the area you want to live in, usually the most important factor will be the budget you wish to spend. Work out how much you might be prepared to pay for the right property? Feel free to use our own budget calculator which might help you to decide the price you are able to afford.

Consider your personal “must have” criteria an what you will not compromise on. If you are a passionate gardener then make sure you ask for outside space, if you need disabled access you may require a lift or if you have a lot of your furniture then you should be looking for an unfurnished property.

When do you need to move, what is your ideal date? We suggest you start to look for a property at least six weeks in advance of this date.

What length of tenancy do you require? Are you planning on staying for longer than 6 months or do you require a short term let which is for less than six months?

Ask which properties are personally managed by us should you wish to remain under our protective wing. Outlet’s managed properties are usually very happy ones with tenants and our property managers being on very amiable terms. We do our best to make your tenancy a very pleasant experience. We even start by giving you a bottle of wine when you first more in.

View a selection of properties from our portfolio

Your Negotiator assigned to you will show you the best properties available in line with the requirements you stated.

You will be booked into Outlet’s own viewings software which sends you an email highlighting the date an time and the address of the property. It also indicates the negotiator that will be showing you the property and their contact details. We realise we all lead very busy lives so if you are unable to make the agreed appointment then please do let us know as early in advance as possible. We will then do our best to arrange another time.

The London property lettings market moves extremely quickly. If you find the right property, one that suits the majority of your requirements, you may wish to place an offer on the same day - be prepared to act quickly as many properties go within a day of coming to market.

Found the place to call home?

Making an offer

Upon finding a suitable property, complete an offer form with your negotiator, ensuring all your requirements are clearly stated. This offer form and your requirements will be put forward to the landlord for their consideration.

At this point the administration fee of £228 (£190 plus VAT) is payable. This figure is fully refundable or transferable should your offer not be accepted.

The administration fee includes all referencing and drawing up of the tenancy contracts for up to three people. For any additional people there is a charge of £50 plus VAT for each person.

Your offer has been accepted

Once your offer has been accepted you will need to make a reservation fee to the value of two weeks rent on the property. This ensures the property is taken off the market whilst we process your references. Your reservation fee will be returned in full should you not pass the references, however should you withdraw at this stage from the offer then you will lose this sum. Please therefore ensure this is the property that you want as indecision and changes of mind can prove costly.

Your negotiator will hand over a sample tenancy along the referencing forms and a receipt for your reservation fee. We advise that you read through everything carefully. Your Negotiator will be pleased to help should you have any questions.

Reference checks will be made at this stage - please ensure you can provide bank details and the contact details of your previous landlord, along with those of your employer. We ask that you return the referencing forms within 48 hours so we can process your details as soon as possible. We use independent companies to carry out the referencing.

You will also be issued with a statement of account for your initial payment

This will include:

  1. Rent for the first month (less the two weeks reservation fee)
  2. Deposit - equivalent to six weeks rent
  3. Charge for check-in and organisation of the inventory at the commencement of the tenancy (The landlord is responsible for the payment of check-out and outgoing inventory)
  4. Any other additional charges should you have requested specific home insurances or other services.

Future payments for monthly rent are taken by standing order in advance so please have your bank account details available to complete the form. Please note the signature must be an original as faxed copies are not accepted by the banks.

Referencing hick ups

People can fail the referencing checks for many reasons including those who are new to the country and have no credit rating or those where just not enough details can be obtained i.e. where you are self employed. This is not the end of the road in obtaining the property you desire.

You may be able to provide a UK based guarantor who will be financially responsible should you ever be unable to meet the rent. Your guarantor though would also have to be fully referenced.

You can offer to pay a certain term of your tenancy up front. To avoid full referencing this could be either six or twelve months up front.

Our negotiators will support you and do their best to talk you though the various options should the independent references fail.

Finally “Home sweet home” - Moving yourself in

Once fully cleared funds have been received and all documentation and references are in order, your keys will be available for collection on the start date of the tenancy, usually from the office or via an appointment with an inventory clerk. Please note that they will not be available before. You will also have to have signed the tenancy agreement and provided proof of identity with either your passport or driving licence. Your negotiator will ensure that this is organised at a convenient time.

You will need to inform your utility providers that you have moved into the property and ensure that all accounts are transferred into your name as quickly as possible. Some of these contact details are available on the Notes for Tenants documentation which is provided by Outlet.

A copy of the inventory check-in report will be sent to you (usually by email) shortly after move-in. Should you have any comments or questions, they should be raised as soon as possible after receipt of this documentation

What should I do if I need assistance during my tenancy?

If Outlet manages your property you will be provided at the beginning of the tenancy the contact details of your property manager. Please feel free to contact them at any time with any issues surrounding the property

If your property is managed by the landlord, you should contact them directly for any maintenance issues.

For any questions regarding tenancy agreements, break clauses, payments or renewals, please contact the Operations Manger at the Outlet office. You will be provided with the relevant contact details prior to moving in.

Short let properties

How does a short term let differ from a long let?

A Short Let Tenancy is for a term less than 6 months. All monies must be paid in full and in advance (including a 4 week deposit).

Usually utility bills are included in the rental amount, with the exception of telephone and broadband fees, payment of which will be detailed in your tenancy agreement

All long lets are written under ASTs (Assured Shorthold Tenancies) giving you legal rights to occupation. For all short term lets a simple contract of engagement will be provided.

Please feel free to ask your Negotiator for any further information.

Click here to view a full list of short term lets

Your Deposit will be in safe hands

Wherever we manage a property we will lodge your deposit with the DPS (Deposit Protection Service) as is required by law to do so.

For landlords that manage their own properties they will be required to lodge your monies within 14 calendar days of receipt. You are entitled to ask them for your deposit ID number.

The legislation aims to ensure that tenants who have paid a deposit to a landlord or letting agent and are entitled to receive all or part of it back at the end of that tenancy, actually get it.

For more information please feel free to visit the DPS website:

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