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Reasons To Choose Outlet

More reasons to choose outlet

Over the years we have had literally thousands of happy customers, all of them having their own personal reasons for engaging in business with Outlet. Many of these happy customers come back and even go on to recommend us to others. Whatever their explanations might be for using us, here are some more reasons why perhaps you should give us a go. We are pleasantly surprisingly different; Outlet, your friendly property professionals.

Established since 1995
Outlet has been around for over fifteen years, which is a lot longer than most London independent agents out there. That is an awfully long time to get to know what service we need to offer and to actually listen to what are customers really want.

As well as having a brand new website with extremely high traffic we advertise on nearly all the main property portals. With over 80% of interest coming from internet leads alone you can see why we never rest on our laurels and always seek the newest and best form of internet advertising.With cutting edge technology and the fact that our website is updated every twenty minutes we are confident that people looking for the right property will at least stop by us at one point in their search.

We work hard
We are open 9.00 till 7.00 p.m. every day on weekdays as well as 11.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. on Saturdays. We also do viewings way beyond these times and on Sundays by arrangement. We are certainly doing our utmost to serve the people who count, you our customers.

Our website
We invest heavily in creating a website that is both easy and simple to use but which showcases all our properties in the best possible way. We are also constantly adding useful information and new pages so as to make the stressful times in property negotiations a little bit easier. We also pop up extremely high in the search engines. If you don't believe it, just Google us!

Our Staff
We recognise our greatest strength is in our staff. Never has there been a more dedicated and professional group of people willing to help and advise our customers. And most say we are the friendliest around too. No wonder we have been finding great homes for great people since 1995!

We give regular feedback detailing viewings, web page hits, particulars issued and advertising used in selling and letting our customers' property. We even like to give weekly update calls so everyone knows what is always happening. In fact sometimes we are known to talk too much.

Unique approach to staff performance
All our staff benefit from 'pooled commission' and this benefits you too. Unlike almost every other estate agent, we still share commission among the team. This means that every one of us will look after your interests (not just one individual looking after their own).

We mean what we say
We, like most others, offer a free market appraisal of your property either to rent or to sell. We will also advise on the current market and give you an honest valuation. We will not hike up the suggested sales price to win your business and hound you constantly on the phone or by email to force an answer. When we say a free valuation with no obligations, we mean it; we let you peacefully decide whether you want to progress and at your own pace. Outlet - Dealing property without hassle.

Our Green ideology
Property agents have never been known for their care of the environment with their constant distribution of property mail outs and daily printed listings but we think we are way ahead of our rivals in taking a step forward in the right direction. We let you judge how green our credentials truly are, please take time to read on.

Over 87% of our leads come from recommendation alone and repeat customers. If fact we pride ourselves on the number of people who not only come back to us to do business but recommend us as well. Why not see what all the fuss is about and give us a call?

Honesty and Integrity Always
You will receive a carefully researched, honest appraisal of the value of your home for sale or to let. You will always receive details of how we have determined the correct marketing price for your property. Any fees will be discussed with you right at the beginning so you will know precisely how much Outlet receive for their service. Of course there is the usual no sale / no fee service we always have. There are no surprises from us, other than the excellent service you get from Outlet.

Straight-Talking Advice
Any recommendation we make will be explained to you in plain English. If you aren't getting the levels of interest necessary to sell or let your house in a time scale that suits you, we will tell you honestly what you need to do, straight from the hip. You heard it here first, straight from the horse's mouth.

Codes of practise
Outlet operates to the highest nationally recognised codes of practice. We have even gone a step further by choosing to join several voluntary schemes such as Ombudsman for Estate Agents and ARLA. Not all agents want to be accountable for their actions. We like to maintain the highest professional standards by conforming to the guidelines of the industry's leading organisations. It is a clear sign that you are dealing with a thoroughly respected and reputable agency.

In house management
We have a whole team to back up the property portfolios that have been entrusted to our care. The staff running this section often go beyond the call of duty in making sure both tenants and landlords alike are content and happy. Everything from broken boilers and leaky roofs through to blocked drains and pest control. This lot are always on their toes.

Our management team work around the clock to give cover across the whole of central London. We have tried and trusted contractors ready to help solve any number of possible problems always guided by the skilful and professional Outlet team.

Our happy Minis
We have a series of highly branded Minis whizzing about town on their very busy viewings schedule. Not only do these happy little cars easily get recognised achieving good marketing and always turning a cheery face, they are quite good at taking you to your viewings too. Jump on board!

When it comes to checking who people really are we are there at the top of the list. We, unlike many agents, employ a totally independent reference agency that thoroughly check each individual ensuring not only who they say they are but that they are capable of paying the rent for the duration of the tenancy. Full credit checks and employment and previous landlord references ensure only good and honest tenants need apply.

It's all in the detail
We use an independent company to provide the often overlooked - but very much needed property inventory. With the introduction of the Deposit Protection Scheme, to which we are proud to belong, it is necessary to ensure for both tenants and landlords alike that they are secure knowing the state of the property has been fairly and accurately recorded. We even are able to provide both check-in and check-out reports.

Meeting safety obligations
We will help you to understand compliance with fire and furnishings regulations and also arrange safety checks on your property for gas and electrical appliances. Outlet, making our homes a safer place in which to live.

Making People Happy
If you are thinking of selling, letting, or searching for a new home, we know we can ease the stress of the whole process. You can rely on Outlet to make you happy throughout the property journey. We constantly look for ways to improve our service and customer care. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions on our service or even our website. We can only improve through feedback. Drop us a line at Or call us any time during office hours on 020 7287 4244.

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