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Property Putney

Putney Area Guide

History of Putney

Putney was a spot where ferry crossings took place before bridges were built. A bridge of boats was built in the 17th century during the civil war for the army to cross. The first bridge between Putney and Fulham was built in 1729 and was the second bridge over the Thames in London to be built after London Bridge. This bridge was made of wood and was finally replaced in 1886 by the current Putney Bridge.

Putney was an area for the aristocracy in London to come and enjoy clean air and play games (bowling, riding etc). Queen Elisabeth 1regularly visited Putney.

Putney Heath was also a favourite area for highwaymen to meet. Jerry Avershaw was caught in a pub on the Heath called the Green man pub and subsequently hanged there. Duels also regularly took place on Putney Heath.

In the 19th century, Putney became a favourite spot for rowing. In London, the water was too polluted and too crowded with increasing boat traffic. Large boats could not go pass Putney Bridge and the water was a lot cleaner. Still to this day, Putney remains a very popular place for rowers with more than twenty clubs based there.

After the arrival of the railway in the mid 19th century, many of the grand houses and small cottages began to disappear and the area gradually was built over as London’s population expaned. The orchards and market gardens were also swallowed up to let place for new streets and houses.

Today, Putney is one of the most attractive areas of London with a great choice of victorian houses and some ex-coucil properties. It has many shops, bars and restauranst making it a favourite for young professionals. Putney heath is a pleasant place to go for a stroll, the river is never too far making it a pleasant area with a village feel to live in while still being close to the city.


Places of interest

• St Mary’s Church • Putney Bridge • Putney Heath


Transport Links Visit Transport for London for more information

East Putney – District Line
Putney Bridge – District Line
Putney – Rail


Local Authority

Wandsworth –

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