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Our London property search division provides the following services: 

1 Initial No Fee consultation.

Outlet offers a no fee initial consultation whereby we will explain how our services work and can discuss the clients needs in full.

2 Advise on a property purchase.

Outlet will advise the client on current local market conditions and what is achievable for his or her budget within various locations. We will then work very closely with the client to create a focused search brief which we will use for the duration of the search. The search brief will include style of property, minimum space required as well as other important lifestyle requirements.

3. Property search.

Outlet will carry out an extensive search of the selected area or areas for properties matching the client's criteria. We will register the clients requirements with as many estate agents as possible. We may also approach property owners and developers directly as well as researching and gaining access to off market properties.

4. Create a shortlist of properties to present to the client.

Outlet will view as many properties as possible on the clients behalf. After viewing all suitable properties we will then create a shortlist of  properties which we think best match the clients needs. We will only show you properties which we feel match your precise requirements therefore saving you valuable time and effort.

5. Arrange convenient property viewings.

We will arrange convenient times for the client to view all properties short listed and will accompany and guide the client on viewings.

6. Offer advice on properties viewed.

After the viewings Outlet will offer independent advice on all properties viewed by the client. We will do our best to advise the client as to the suitability and value for money of each property and can provide recent sale price figures for similar properties sold in the area if needs be.

7. Negotiation.

If the client wishes to make an offer on a property viewed, Outlet will do their utmost to negotiate the best price possible on his or her behalf however not before discussing tactics etc. with the client. Our aim is to secure a reduction on the asking price where possible for the client which more often than not will cover the cost of our services.

8 Manage the purchase through to completion.

Once an offer has been accepted on a property Outlet will ensure that the purchase proceeds as quickly as possible. We will organise surveys and valuations for the property on the clients behalf. We will also Liaise between the client, their solicitor and estate agents in order to ensure that the sale proceeds as quickly and as smoothly as possible. For our overseas clients or those relocating to London from we will do our utmost to ensure as stress free a purchase as possible.


Contact us today for more information

We are dedicated to making the purchase of your new home as straightforward and successful as possible. We would like to hear what sort of home or property investment you are looking for and to discuss how we can help you.

For further information please contact Patrick McCarthy, head of our Home Finding team, at the Outlet office on  020 7287 4244 or e-mail for some informal friendly advice.

Alternatively, please fill in the form below:

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