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Property Finder

Outlet Property Finding Service

Property finder – sourcing your ideal London property for UK, US, EU and other clients worldwide

Our personal and dedicated service enables you to find your ideal London property quickly and conveniently, regardless of whether you are looking for a home or a property investment in London. We’re also happy to work with any property search agent you may already have. We’ve worked with many clients from the USA, Europe, the Far East and all over the world, helping them find their ideal short-term or long-term home, or investment property.

You’ll find our knowledge of the London property market is second to none. In addition, we frequently have access to off-plan and other new build properties which other agents don’t. Together, this gives you not just access to the best property, but a faster, smoother sale. For details, please click on the links below.


Homefinder: sourcing the place of your dreams
Outlet’s independent home finder division provides a personal service dedicated to finding the perfect home for you. 
Read more about Homefinder

Investment property finder: for maximum ROI
London Property has historically always been a sound investment; we help you pinpoint the right areas and properties to maximise your letting and capital growth potential. 
Read more about our investment property finder

Property finding - how does it work?
How we source the right apartments, flats and houses throughout central London to save you time and money.
Read more about how Homefinder works

Property finding: how much does it cost?
If you’re looking for a larger property to rent in the short-term, we’ve got a fine selection, both in the West End and Greater London. 
Read more about our fees

Property search agent liason
Working directly with your existing property search agent to source property in Central and Outer London.  
Read more about property search agents

Property area guides
If you want to buy or rent a property in London, are new to town or even if you already live in this vibrant and wonderful city, there’s a wealth of useful information in our area guides. 
Read our London property area guides

Saving you time and money 

The cost of the Outlet Property Finder service is more than offset by the time and money you save by allowing us to search and negotiate on your behalf. Why not contact us to see how we can make searching for your ideal property so much better and definitely a lot less stressful?

Our aim is to provide an outstanding level of service by fully understanding your needs and working solely on your behalf to find your ideal property. We can also help if you're looking to add to your property investment portfolio and are also happy to work with your own property search agent if you have one.

We are also dedicated to making the purchase of your new property as straightforward and successful as possible. We would like to hear what sort of home or property investment you are looking for and to discuss how we can help you.

Why not contact us to see how we can make searching for your ideal property so much better and a lot less stressful. For further information please contact Patrick McCarthy, head of our Property Finding team, at the Outlet office on  020 7287 4244 or e-mail for some informal friendly advice.

We look forward to helping you in the near future.

Outlet – Your personal property professionals since 1995


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