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Professional Energy Clearing

Property cleanse

Creating light spaces

Antony’s property in Hampstead had been with two major estate agents for over six weeks and had only had two viewings. The Outlet sales team had looked at the marketing and fed back that the photos and property descriptions were lacklustre and devoid of imagination and suggested a site visit.

Josh and Jonothan Dymond, the sales director, went to visit Antony at his home. Immediately they were startled that such a wonderful property with masses of potential and space had been marketed so badly and in such a way that is came across cramped, dimly lit and quite drab. Additionally, since Jonothan has worked in releasing the potential on numerous properties of his own he could see the future development of the building was not being sold.

It was however Josh who instantly picked up on the energy of the property and could sense many blocking points within Anthony’s home. These were not actually noticeable physical signs but ones that could be felt on a subconscious level. Josh explained that if we were to be instructed we would return on another day and along with clearing the various rooms of clutter and rearranging the furniture for better flow he would perform several energy clearance rituals.

Energy cleansing

Home healing from the the heart

Later that week Antony took the plunge, and discharged the other two agents and brought Josh and Jonothan on board. Prior to the day of the clean Anthony took guidelines in clearing away stuff that the Outlet team deemed added confusion to a visitor on entering. Clearing clutter is an important action to take before any space clearing ceremonies.

Early one morning Josh and Jonothan arrived along with Rumi the office dog and begun their work. It took several hours of clearing and arranging the furniture just prior to the photographer arriving. The property already seemed lighter and the natural flow enhanced. Directing the photos enabled us to create and tell the story of this wonderful home and produce much more enticing and lively marketing. Josh then spent the next hour clearing various energy spots around the house and in the garden. His ceremonies involve the use of various tools such as mediation, Reiki, sage, incense, candles, crystals and flower essences. 

Within a week of the advert going live we had over 14 viewings booked in to see the property.

Energy cleansing

We have a deep connection with the places we live

We were now attracting a very good number of enquiries. Many of the people stated they liked the property but none were putting forward offers. This stumped the Outlet team until Josh once more tuned into the house and found that a wonderful mature Chestnut tree in the back garden had an emotional attachment to the owner and his family leaving. The very next Saturday Josh turned up at the property and carried out a blessing with the tree. He also asked the owner to let go of the tree emotionally as it was now discovered that Antony had a few years early gone to great lengths to put a protection order on it and loved it very dearly. That Monday the offers came in.

In the end we had two interested parties both wanting the property and a deal, that suited everyone, was achieved where we accomplished an additional £5,000 over the asking price.

Josh’s feedback was that we live in a world where everything is connected and in realising this we then need to look at how the energy flows between things and people and where it often gets stuck. Tuning into energy allows us to free up the natural flow once more and for people to be able to move on in their life. We help them get to where they want to be.

Additionally the buyers moving into their new home come with a clean sheet with respect to energy and can be guaranteed a much more peaceful ambiance is which to live and one where they can make it their own.

Key points

positive energy

We should realise that all things (energy) exist in relationship with their spaces

positive energy

Energy chords from past traumatic events are energetically embedded in the walls of your home

positive energy

Many homes contain antique furniture that hold emotional imprints that need clearing

positive energy

The land on which you home rest holds energy from recent and distant pasts

positive energy

A home clearing also brings in new, lighter and more positive, higher vibrational energy

Feeling stuck? Find out how energy healing can help you move on

A space that has been cleared also brings in new energy for those that live or work there and can positively affect health, personal growth, prosperity and freshen and renew relationships. 

Is your property stuck, are you wanting to sell or let? Do you feel there is something strange about the feel of the property? Get in touch with the team on 020 7287 4244 or email Joshua Rafter at as we are certain to help.

Home Healer

Joshua has been practising Reiki for some time and uses this as a basis for the energy clearing.

He tunes into the property and with this connection is able to see places and objects of negative or heavier energy. In “speaking” to the property he is able to dissipate old energy to make way for the next stage of life that is called in to be there. He tunes your home to harmonious frequencies and fills it with positive energy. He calls it Creating Light spaces.

Need some home healing them contact Joshua at

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