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good as green

Good as green

Green estate agents – a more eco-friendly approach to property


 We try our hardest to be green estate agents ourselves in all that we do, for example by reducing our waste, reusing products and recycling where we can. We also do our best to conserve energy and water and aim to choose eco-friendly products as much as possible. It is not always an easy task but we believe one well worth making. 

As for the property we handle, more and more new properties are being built here in London, and the capital is helping to lead the way in eco-friendly property development, with environmentally-friendly materials and construction methods, not to mention the latest ‘smart building’ technology, which requires less maintenance and less waste. We have many properties like these on our books (see our new properties section).

For more details, just follow the links below.


A letter from JoshA letter from Josh
I’m not an eco-warrior by any means; more of an eco-worrier. All this stuff about global warming concerns me deeply. I worry about pollution, about land fill, about CO2 emissions; all the big issues.

Our efforts to be greenOur efforts to be green
Everyone knows it’s not easy being green. We are doing our best and are always seeking ways to improve.

Carbon neutral siteCarbon neutral website
As part of our ‘Green Project’, Outlet has now signed up with the Carbon Limited Company to offset our carbon emissions.


Recycling factsRecycling facts
In less than 2 hours the UK produces enough waste to fill the Albert Hall. Up to 60% of the rubbish that ends up in the dustbin could be recycled.

Useful Green tipsUseful Green tips
Go green, live with a clearer conscience and, even better, save money

You too can make an environmental difference!

You don't have to be a conservationist "freak" to be eco-friendly, and it doesn't have to be complicated to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle and to make your home or property more eco-friendly. In fact, there are so many different, simple and creative things you can do right now to help protect the planet and conserve as much as possible.

Just follow the last link above to find several pages of tips and advice of how you can make a difference too and so we all aim to protect the delicate world in which we live. Earth's future is truly in our hands and in our actions!  

"Outlet - Participating in giving back"

Outlet Tree Appeal
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