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David Liddle

David Liddle

David Liddle

David joined the financial services industry in 1997 and quickly progressed to become a director for a leading financial services firm.

Following an interest in property, David decided to specialise in property finance. He now deals with a broad spectrum of clients, from 1st time buyers to corporate portfolios. In his down time, David likes travelling and spending time in France with his wife and daughter where he pursues his passion for food and fine wine. Having put on his first skis at the age of three, David is a seasoned skier as well as a keen snowboarder and paraglider. His passion for skiing has taken him throughout Europe and North America. Nothing like a white out at -20 degrees centigrade to make you appreciate the hospitality of a mountain restaurant!


David Liddle - Q and A

What type of architecture gets you excited or why do you like working in your particular field?

Definitely modern. Innovative and ground breaking design pushes the boundaries of the imagination and gets people thinking an talking. Anything that challenges planning guidelines is good, and important as architects find ever more ingenious ways to make better use of the space that we currently have. A fine example of old space recycled, is the Tate modern. It is an amazing  versatile space, and great to visit as it is never the same twice.

Working with money has let me meet a huge variety of people from all walks of life. Helping people achieve what they want to in life is a great thrill, and seeing them grow through their careers and family lives is fantastic.


What values do you feel are important in working for Outlet?

Professionalism, service and most importantly a friendly smile! Every client that I have spoken to has had nothing but good things to say about the brand and the staff which is a great reflection on the business. Outlet provides a wholistic property service, meaning that it is a true one stop shop for clients, and everything is dealt with internally so clients feel looked after.

Where is your favourite place to live in London?

Vauxhall. Vauxhall is a true melting pot of cultures with people from different walks of life. I am very much biased as I've lived here for 12 years; it is colourful and vibrant, and there is always something going on. Its easy to get in and out of town, and great to listen to Big Ben while walking home along the embankment on a summers evening. Its great to be so close to the center of the city while still being far enough away to have true sense of community. 

What are your favourite things to do in London?

There are so many things to do in London we really are spoilt for choice.

One of my favourites is Sunday brunch on a summers day on the Kings Road, followed by a lazy walk round one of the many museums. Its great that you can literally park on Sloan Square on a Sunday, which makes a spot of shopping a breeze. Close by, The Natural history Museum never ceases to amaze me with its superb architecture, and endless rooms of things to look at. Its a museum for all ages that you will find new things in regardless how many times you visit.

A couple of really fun things to do is the duck tours along the river or a bus tour of the sites. I'm regularly surprised to find a something new to look at that I have traveled past daily but just never taken the time to notice. It's crazy that we all love in such a wonderful city but so often need the excuse of a visiting tourist to get is out seeing all that there is to see.


Best night out in London?

Dinner at Maggie Jones on Kensington Chruch Street. Supperb classic traditional food, served a magnum of red wine. Especially good on a winters evening! Good company, good atmosphere, and you have to try the desert!

Most treasured landmark or place of interest? 

St Pauls Cathedral. One of the few great undamaged buildings of its age in London. An amazing monument to the true craftsmen who built it, and the many many people who have looked after it over the years. There is also a great view from the top of the dome across the city which must have been incredible when it was originally built. It staggers me to think how people built it, when there is so much struggle to build even a very basic house these days.

Favourite motto?

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit" is the motto on my kilt badge, and that of the three Scottish regiments. It translates as "No one attacks me with impunity" or in Scots as "Wha daur meddle wi me?"  

The original reference was to the thistle, when Scottish defenders were awoken to invading Vikings who stood on the prickly plant. Having been alerted the Scott's swiftly dispatched the invaders.

The Scots were a tough bunch - after all the Romans built Hadrians wall to keep them in (for a short while). This reminds me of the rousing fighting spirit of the Scots and the spirit to continue no matter what is thrown at you. I've always have been and always will be a proud kilt wearing Scott!


Get in touch with David

To contact David, please call 020 7287 4244 or click here to email him.

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