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David Bray

David Bray

David Bray – Short Lets & New Business

Brought up in North West Kent by South East London Parents, attending a Church of England school with a sporting back ground.

Some people could wrongly describe me as carefree... I am a laid back and easy going person and this can sometimes get me into trouble, however I am determined when it matters and I like to put myself in situations that bring out the best in me. I have been in full time employment since I left school at sixteen not wanting to stay on for the sixth form and learn from school teachers but more from the real world and everyday events.

I like fun and socialising, exciting places and flamboyant people, I am easily the most quiet and boring of the crowed I hang out with.

David Bray - Q and A

What inspired you to work in property?

I started in property sales in 2001 based in SE London for a small independent agency after being made redundant whilst working for an engineering firm (my first job from school). I therefore sort of fell into a sales position at the property company. A year and a half later I left to do other things thinking that property was not for me but having learnt enough , only to find myself once again falling  back into the industry and once again for a small inventory company but this time with the potential to go far.....

Two years later the small inventory company I had started working for in 2006 had become one of the biggest property inventory companies in the UK, the 5 members of staff (which included me) had risen to 22 with me running a team of 8 inventory clerks from head office based in Angel, Islington.  From there I moved on, working part time for a friends agency based in Canary Wharf whilst founding my own Inventory Company taking on clients such as Outlet Sales and Lettings and growing a portfolio of around 8 – 10 different agencies.

With me now happily working for Outlet and having been within the lettings industry in one shape or another for seven years for once I feel inspired to stay.

What values do you feel are important in working for Outlet?

Outlet has been around since 1995, having broken the mould in times when society was not as open minded and easy going as todays. I think its important to remember that although now more mainstream Outlet has shown strength and reliability to a niche market, that’s something that excites me to be a part of and whose values I treasure and adopt.

Where is your favourite place to live in London?

I love Soho, I live next door near Charing Cross but when people ask me I say “Soho”

What are your favourite things to do in London?

I love to eat out, as well as general socialising ie bars, clubs, eating out with friends etc

My favourite restaurant would be a small cosy one, French or Spanish, with steamed up windows in the winter and for the long afternoons in the summer sitting outside with a bottle of wine or a G&T.   

Best night out in London?

Having calmed down a lot I now think a night in with a crowd can be as much fun as a night out or going clubbing.  However some of the best nights I have had have been moving from bar to bar and club to club with no particular agenda but to share the fun. London is brilliant for that kind of night or weekend

Most treasured landmark or place of interest?

It has to be the Thames, the history behind the River is amazing! A landmark that anyone in the world could identify at a glimpse

Favourite motto?

“Do your absolute best, and have a good time!”

David likes:

UK, London, shopping (Prada), new clothes, expensive cars (Range Rover & Bentley), night life, socializing, meeting new people, sleeping in, lazy Sundays, long lunches, red wine, gin, champagne, pate with cheese and biscuits, music, summer holidays, mini city breaks, winter tan, rugby and hockey

David dislikes:

People who are rude in general, slow walkers, spitting, wet shave. People who start Christmas in October, early mornings, going to bed, hangovers, rain, arguing, mess in general and people that shout.

David Bray - Testimonials

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I must say I was particularly impressed not only with the quality of service and frequent follow-ups but also with the quality of the properties for rent in your portfolio.


We made an offer today and no longer looking for property..
Thank you for your assistance!
David and your company left me a such nice feeling in me!


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Get in touch with David

To contact David, please call 020 7287 4244 or click here to email him


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