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Claudia Gomes

Claudia Gomes

Claudia Gomes – Operations Manager

From a little girl with very good school grades and obsessed with books to a teenage football player.

From studying economy, then management and then IT.

From working as an accountant, consultant and manger, in industries as varied as IT, automotive, chemicals, plastic, diamonds, steel and property.

I’d say I came from a little geek to a citizen of the world that found her true calling in property.

Claudia Gomes - Q and A

What inspired you to work in property?

Economy was my first calling and when I started studying it I got to discover amazing people with massive influence and amazing life stories that immediately became my inspiration. These people all had two things in common, they were all men and all of them started in property. I then decided I would be the “first woman in property”. I was 14 at the time so I went on with my studies, university, adulthood happened and my career took a different path. It was when I finally started working in property that I most felt at home (no pun intended!).

What values do you feel are important in working for Outlet?

Customer service is definitely number one, closely followed by professionalism and friendliness.

Where is your favourite place to live in London?

I honestly think there are a lot of amazing places to live in London. Of all the ones that I’ve lived in this amazing city I’d probably choose anywhere from Waterloo to Tower Bridge.

What are your favourite things to do in London?

Farmers markets, walking around the parks, the theatre and beer gardens, to name a few. Not long ago I had the opportunity to have a yoga class on the Shard and it was an amazing experience.

Best night out in London?

Dinner and a play.

Favourite motto?

"If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Be the best in whatever you do and never give up. Success is not by Chance it’s by Choice." - My Father

"Do your own thinking and always strive for knowledge. Be the chess player, not the chess piece."

"Ame futte chi katamaru (literally translates to: after the rain, earth hardens)."

Claudia likes:

Puppies, toddlers, sunny beach days, photography, yoga, coffee, red wine, cheese, honesty, friendship and altruism.

Claudia dislikes:

Rain, slow drivers, people that suddenly stop in the middle of the pavement, tube rides packed with people that don’t shower, cold coffee and warm beer, dishonesty, cruelty and rudeness.

Get in touch with Claudia

To contact Claudia, please call +44 (0) 7786 558 255 or click here to email her


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