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Michelle's story

Michelle's story

What caught my eye about Outlet

Initially I wanted to work in an agency that would give me an insight into the property market, as I wanted to become a property developer; I thought learning about the market would be a great starting point. I therefore decided to seek a short term work experience to prepare me for my next venture. Initially I went for an interview with a very popular high street estate agency; however I was far from convinced that our work ethics would go well together. Their focus on hard selling and was not something I was used to, or felt comfortable doing. I am often told I have a very relaxed nature which I have used to engage with people in retail jobs I have had in the past. I enjoy spending time with people and understanding their needs, and this is something that has benefitted both myself and clients throughout my working career which has always been based within sales. I therefore turned down the opportunity to work within that specific agency.

A few days after, I stumbled upon Outlet’s website which looked very professional yet friendly and over all gave me the impression that their ethos was more about looking after clients and spending time building long term relationships with clients and applicants alike. I found that Outlet’s emphasis on honesty and transparency within business was a great asset to have. Another aspect that caught my attention about Outlet, was the plans that they have for the future. I was intrigued by the property fund that is currently being worked on and wanted to know more. I had an interview with Javier, the sales manager that went well and I began my work experience placement at Outlet.

6 months later and I am still working at Outlet and planning on starting full time in the New Year!

Javier and the Outlet Team

I have to say I have never worked in an office quite like Outlet’s before. I would say there is a perfect balance of work and play. You never know what may happen one day to the next which is always good for keeping everyone on their toes. I love that there is a great atmosphere in the office, it’s great fun and everyone is more than happy to help you.

Working with Javier has been brilliant; I don’t know how he keeps calm in every situation, it must have something to do with the yoga classes he attends! But he is truly a great teacher and I look forward to continue to work with him in the future. I feel that working within a small team has allowed me to be involved in and begin to learn a wide variety of aspects of the business.  From residential, to commercial sales and contracts, to marketing and applicant management. This has been a fantastic opportunity to really start to learn and understand the basics of the business.


At this early stage, I have already been involved with some really exciting projects. One of our projects was the sale of a £4 million pound property in Bloomsbury. We came up with a marketing plan for the promotion of the property, which included mail outs to potential purchasers within the Bloomsbury area and an open house for fellow estate agents to attend. The marketing plan was a success and was a contributing factor to the sale of the property, which was really great. I now routinely send out marketing material to property owners within areas where we have had a recent sale in order to increase business and increase awareness of our company.

Due to Outlet’s plan for growth in the near future I have been working on a welcome pack that can be given to a new started to help them with their first few weeks at Outlet. It includes a introduction to the Outlet staff, Outlet office and what to expect. It also includes some information on what a new starter can expect to learn within the first few weeks at Outlet.

What I have learnt so far

I feel privileged to work in this office, as I said earlier, the benefits of working in a smaller office are that you get introduced to a wide variety of opportunities and an early stage. Within my first few weeks at Outlet, I was involved in the maintenance of the applicants, the development of property marketing, attending viewings alongside Javier and file maintenance. These all form part of my day to day work and I am gradually becoming more involved in the negotiation of sales, the liaison with solicitors and chasing of pending documents.

How I want to progress

In the future I am looking forward to continuing working at Outlet, within the sales department and learning more about the sales process. I would also like to spend some more time learning about the commercial aspect of the business and further my knowledge by attending courses that are relevant to that field with the aim of helping to grow this aspect of the business. I am excited about the Purple Regeneration project that is currently being developed and would love the opportunity to work with Javier, Josh and Zenios on projects related to the property fund in the future.

On a final note

I would say that you get out as much as you put in. There are some fantastic opportunities within Outlet, and future prospects for the company are extremely exciting!

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