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Lets with Pets

Finding homes for tenants and their pets in London

We here at Outlet are huge pet lovers, in fact many of the staff either own or have owned pets during their lifetime and often whilst in rented accommodation. Even the boss once had a very large pet, an adorable rescue dog from Battersea Dog’s Home called Bailey, and he had great difficulties in trying to find landlords who would consider renting to him and his super friendly dog.

With this in mind we took the decision to join the wonderful Lets with Pets scheme set up by the charity Dogs Trust. We after all know that the vast majority of pet owners make caring and sensible tenants and with over half the UK population currently owning pets and five million people living in privately rented accommodation that’s an awful lot of successfully happy tenancies you could be missing out on if you’re a landlord.

Renting properties to tenants with pets can be very straightforward and does make sense. We are so keen to help those with pets find new homes that we are currently in the process of updating our website to indicate properties where understanding landlords now allow pets. We think it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Read about some of our success stories here.

Benefits to landlords of allowing pets

Almost half of the UK population currently owns a pet. That’s a big chunk of people you could be missing out on. Although it seems like a big decision, there are just a few considerations you need to bear in mind – and the benefits can be major.

For example, by accepting tenants with pets you can increase demand for your property and get tenants who stay longer. You’ll also find that pet owners tend to be more responsible generally.

PLUS since we are animal lovers ourselves at Outlet we give you a full 1% off our lettings fee as a thank you for helping us find new homes for people and their pets.

You can read more about the benefits and considerations on our information for landlords about lets for pets page

I’m a pet owner – what do I need to know about lettings?

While it can seem tempting not to mention that you have a pet, you would likely be breaching your tenancy agreement, so always tell a prospective landlord what kind of pet you have. Better still, provide references or other information, and introduce your pet to the landlord. Be flexible and be prepared to pay a higher deposit as well.

You can find lots more information on our information for pet owners about lets for pets page

Of course, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know – and by talking to us, you’ll be well on your way to getting the let that you’re looking for. We have a growing number of pet-friendly landlords on our books – just contact us now

Supporting the Hope Project

For every successful tenancy secured for a tenant with a pet we also donate back to the Dogs Trust and the Hope Project, which is a unique scheme aiding dogs whose owners are homeless or in a housing crisis. Through their Veterinary Scheme, they provide free and subsidised veterinary treatments to anyone who is rough sleeping or living in temporary accommodation with a dog.

Find out more information about the great work they do.

And look what we have just won..... click to find out more

Gold winning service

Outlet loves pets

FREE instant online valuationBen and Dude

I was just about to give up any hope in trying to find a home for myself and my British Bulldog called Dude when a work colleague told me about Outlet. One phone call to them and two weeks later I had moved into my new pad, it wasn’t without hard work from David and the Outlet team.

Ben and Dude

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