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Lets with Pets
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Lets with Pets successes

Lets with Pets Success stories

People and pets we’ve helped

Many landlords don’t allow animals in their properties and that can mean stress and worry for pet owners looking for a home to rent. At Outlet, we like pets. And we know that most people who have one make excellent, responsible tenants.

That’s why we have a list of properties that do allow people and their pets to live together, which makes us quite unique. It means we’ve helped lots of tenants and their furry family members find a great place to live, together. Read on for some nice stories from the people and their pets that came to Outlet for a property.

Our success stories


Kevin & Zeus

Zeus is not just our pet, he is a member of our family. Finding a place to live in London is challenging enough but even more so when a family member is a dog.

Many estate agents simply did not want to help when they heard we had a dog. I believe this is because it takes more effort to find a place for dog owners than for those who don't have a dog. And many estate agents want the quick and easy rental. Not Outlet! They gladly take on a challenge. Not only did we want a flat that accepted dogs, but we wanted outdoor space, modern fittings and in Covent Garden, just to name a few criteria! Outlet completely understood what we were looking for and was able to provide us with a number of options!! We liked one so much that we agreed to sign a 3 year lease with the Landlord.

Outlet sets itself apart from it's peers by the amount of work they do to ensure their clients are happy. We have been so happy with Outlet, that not only have we used them, but have recommended 2 friends to them in the last month alone!!

Huge thanks to the entire team at Outlet!!



Mike, Teodora and Loki

Loki is a rescue cat that has a lot of love to giveand luckily he's now a member of our family. Very playful, affectionate and vocal, he stole our hearts and we decided to adopt him, but couldn't have done this without the lovely team from Outlet Property.

Both my girlfriend and I have been living in London for quite a while and we always wanted a cat of our own, but with renting a flat it made it very difficult to accomplish this dream. Many landlords and agencies simply refuse to help when they hear about pets, only because in their view this involves extra effort.

Two months after moving in the flat rented with Outlet we found out that Loki needed urgent re-homing. After explaining the situation to Anita at Outlet, we were lucky enough that this company and its staff are animal lovers who act in their clients’ best interest. They were very helpful and negotiated the terms with our landlords - who also, just by chance, have a dog of their own. The process took less than a week and it was a complete success!

We are so happy we got in contact with such an amazing team that care about animal welfare and encourage landlords to allow pets in their properties.

Many thanks to everyone at Oulet,

Mike, Teodora and Loki

Zoe, Watson and Creek

Zoe, Watson & Creek

Our move from Aberdeen to London was on a tight timescale. I had lined up appointments with several agencies, but the first day didn't get off to a promising start. Apparently the compromise for having pets was goingto be pokey apartments in areas I just didn't feel at home in or they just didn’tget return our calls.

In a lull between further appointments, I Googled to see if Outlet still had an office in Soho as I remembered them from when I used to live in London. The first thing I saw on the website was the Lets with Pets banner, which I took as a good sign - definitely more positive than anything I'd seen from other agencies - and I decided to drop by the office on the off-chance there was something in our preferred zone that they had on the books.

Russell could not have been more helpful and reassuring. He came up with three properties immediately, and I left feeling like he was the only agent I'd met who understood why we weren't just palming our cats off on friends or on the RSPCA. That feeling solidified as he showed me around the next day, and I fell in love with one of the apartments, right in the heart of Soho. After being so disheartened following my appointments with other agencies, to say I was relieved to find somewhere I not only liked, but an agent that had actually listened and understood about pets, would be an understatement.

I cannot say enough nice things about the company and its staff,and I'd definitely recommend Outlet and their lets of pets scheme, or any other property enquiry as a matter of fact. They really do care!

Thank you so very much.


Mostyn and Baby Lawrence

Mostyn & Baby Lawrence

We spent a lot of time visiting and contacting numerous estate agents but as soon as I mentioned I had a dog they said they could not help us. It was not until a friend mentioned that Outlet were going out of their way to help find rented accommodation for people with pets that I suddenly felt there might be a chance.

Everyone at Outlet was amazing, they are so pet friendly and they even have dog treats and toys in the office. I have never been made more welcome.

Soon they were showing me property and before I knew it we had secured a great flat in the heart of Soho to live. I cannot thank everyone at Outlet enough and love that they are encouraging landlords to finally accept pets. A brilliant and caring company!


Ben and Dude

Ben and Dude

I was just about to give up any hope in trying to find a home for myself and my British Bulldog called Dude when a work colleague told me about Outlet. One phone call to them and two weeks later I had moved into my new pad, it wasn’t without hard work from David and the Outlet team.

Landlords who accept pets are definitely few and far between and Outlets portfolio of lets suitable for pets had been completely taken up. So the search began, at this stage I hardly needed to do anything but let David know what I wanted and taking that on board he went to work on finding a pad for Dude and I.

Thanks to the whole team at Outlet we are both extremely happy and I can strongly recommend this service.

Ben Buckby Jones and Dude (Charing Cross)

Hin Cherry and Winnie

Thank you for finding us a lovely flat in Central London! It was lovely to work with you and your outlet team, you guys are very helpful at anytime. My husband Hin, myself and our little puppy Winnie would like to say thank you and wish you a merry Christmas!

Hin, Cherry & Winnie (Wardour street)

Diane Smith and cats

Mrs Diane Smith - owner of 5 cats - had to move out her own property due to a fire. She had great difficulty finding a property at short notice whose owner would accept a short term tenant, at short notice, and with so many animals. Many landlords have no problem with one cat or even two, but five seemed a tall order even for us.

However, Russell set to work with gusto and with 12 hours had sourced a luxury penthouse, arranged a viewing the same day, negotiated a deal with both landlord, tenant and insurance brokers, organised the purchase, delivery and assembly of furniture and booked a move-in for the following day. Result!

A grateful Diane said of Russell

‘Without your help, and Outlet’s, we would still be in a temporary hotel and my pets in cold shed! One of my cats, Gurt, who sadly died later from injuries sustained in the fire, is in Your Cat magazine due out in February. I told the journalist how hard it had been to find a place that would take all the cats and how relieved we were to have found somewhere so quickly’.

Olga and pets

Having recently emigrated from Russia, Olga was having difficulty finding a landlord that would accommodate both a cat and a dog in the West End. She visited most of the agencies. You would expect to find quite a few such places in the leafy suburbs, but in the heart of London’s West End?

Russell set to work and managed to come up with four flats to be viewed that afternoon. After careful negotiation and the sourcing of appropriate pet clauses for the contract, both sides were happy and Olga is enjoying her new life in Covent Garden.

‘Thanks a lot dear Russell. My dog, my cat and I were very happy with your service . You were professional, easy-going , super to deal with, an absolute a STAR !!! Best regards , Olga ‘.

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If you have a pet and you’re looking for a property to rent, give us a call on 020 7287 4244. We’ll search our database to see if we have a home that’ll be suitable for you both.  

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