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short lets for landlords

Short term lets for landlords


Tenancy Terms to suit you

A home is not just somewhere to sleep; it's somewhere to belong, a sanctuary away from work and the hustle and bustle of city life. Short Lets allow you to rent a home for a shorter period (one week to six months) than would standard rental contracts. Show your incoming staff that you value them, to make life more convenient for them, to provide them with a little stability - all of this often at a lower cost than staying in a hotel. Do not just visit our capital: live in it.

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Landlords, why you should consider Short-Letting your property?

Financial benefit
Short Lets can demand a greater rent than standard lets - the reason being demand and supply. Short Let properties are far rarer than standard let properties. The lower the supply, the higher the price a Short Let property can command. Also, as Short Let properties compete with directly with hotels, they can afford to raise their prices.

Flexibility benefit
You may not wish for your property assets to be tied up with tenants for six months to a year on a standard tenancy. Maybe you are thinking of disposing of your assets, or you have tenants of your own who holiday there each summer. Whatever your reason, an Outlet Short Let is easily more flexible than a standard let.

Tenant type benefit
As the majority of Short Let clients are corporate, you can be assured of tenants who are at a level to be considered important to the organisation. Often this will mean people in a managerial position who are mature and make good, responsible tenants.

Rental guarantee benefit
Companies make far more reliable clients, as their accounting departments ensure a greater chance of rental payment consistency than would an individual.

Who might require a short let?


The corporate tenant
The majority of Short Let clients come from the corporate world. They may be looking for short- to medium-term accommodation for important visiting staff/management or to make the transition more comfortable for employees they are relocating to their London offices.

The event orientated tenant
Major sports events will necessitate the housing of both sportsmen and sportswomen and their audience. Annual events such as Wimbledon and special one-offs like the 2012 Olympics are two examples of this, where areas of London become Short Let hot spots.

The relocating tenant
Individuals relocating to the UK or from elsewhere within the country may decide to try before they buy. Not wanting to restrict themselves to a six- or twelve-month tenancy agreement, they may wish for the flexibility of a Short Let to allow them to continue searching for a home to buy.

The disaster recovery tenant
Insurance companies often put people up in hotels while their homes are being repaired after a disaster. However, if a family is likely to be kept away from their home for an indeterminate amount of time, the insurance company may consider it less traumatic, and more financially agreeable, to rehouse them in a Short Let.

Outlet Short Let benefits over a hotel

A home, not just accomodation
To live in a hotel may sound like luxury, but try it for a short while and you will soon find the lack of privacy, space and a constant feeling of transition takes over. Outlet Short Lets allow you to come home each night. They offer stability to someone who has just travelled a long distance to start a new work life, allowing them normality, even when in unfamiliar territory.

Do not just visit London - live here
Whether you are coming to the capital for work or for pleasure, to truly feel like a Londoner you will need to live away from the tourist traps, with Short Let properties to rent in the heart of real London.

Short Lets can be cheaper
Hotel accommodation is, in the main, far more expensive than renting. While standard lets are done on a six-months-plus agreement, a Short Let can be for anything from a week in length. Short Lets are normally more costly than renting, but they will often be much cheaper than a hotel in the medium term.

No matter how nice your hotel room might be, if you are travelling to London with your family or on your own for a period any longer than a normal holiday, staying cooped up in a hotel could be a nightmare. Renting a family home or a spacious flat to yourself will give you all the necessary privacy and space to stretch out and enjoy the experience of being a Londoner.

Outlet Short Lets are an excellent short-term solution to any accommodation situation. If you have any questions regarding Short Lets, or would like to see what you will be able to achieve within your budget, we at Outlet would be more than happy to help you. We have properties from studios to family homes - all available and ready to move into.

Give us a call for a no-obligation friendly and professional chat on 020 7287 4244. Or, if you prefer, click here to email us.

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