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Greener Place

Greener Place

Everyone knows it’s not easy being green. Habits need to be changed and inertia must be overcome. The idea is to make it as easy as possible, multiple wastebaskets so people don’t need to roam around the office to find where to put paper or trash for example.

Sometimes it’s complicated, what can be recycled, what cannot, where it goes. Everyone needs a bit of encouragement to make our office be greener. We are doing our best and are always seeking ways to improve.


• Outlet use recycled paper & green office supplies.

Outlet recycles and everyone separates recyclables from non-recyclables. We recycle paper in a prominent, large, blue bin from The Laundry to let people know that we recycle and to urge others to do the same. Outlet and The Laundry also recycle plastic and cardboard.

Toner cartridges are recycled with a local stationer.

Old office furniture is not immediately thrown away; Outlet tries to give it away so that it can be reused or placed on

Cancelled stamps are donated to Oxfam.

There is a water saver in the office toilet. Outlets’ landlords and employees are offered water savers and encouraged to use them.

Outlet has switched electricity supplier to Ecotricity, an eco-friendly energy company.

All emails display the green message "Please consider the environment. Do you really need to print this email?"

Printed materials have the recycling logo to promote awareness and to encourage others to recycle.

Outlet reuses paper before even recycling it. We ensure both sides of internal documents are used before going for recycling.

Outlet uses fluorescent and energy efficient light bulbs.

Outlet turns off the hot water heater, computers and monitors over night to conserve energy. People turn off monitors and put their computers on hibernate at lunch time or when they leave the office.

There are plans to make Outlet’s web site and mobile phones carbon neutral.

The welcome pack for landlords and tenants is pro-green. It gives links and advice on how to care for the environment.

Outlet is in the process of creating a green charter whereby we will make a donation towards a recognised environmental scheme for every tenant and landlord who signs up. Our goal is to hopefully one day ensure all the properties we manage and care for are greener than green.

“Good as green” is our motto.

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