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Giving Back
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Giving Money Away

£100 Cash back reward in renting a new property

Needing to move? Looking for a place to let? Wanting to save money?

At Outlet we understand the financial pressures that many of us are under these days and with the added cost of having to look for a new place to rent this can only be compounded with most rents seeming to be on the rise. You then have the added hassle and costs of transporting ones goods. If you include the cost factor for your own time taken looking for the right property and the travel involved it all really starts to add up.

At Outlet we are not able to stipulate what a landlord should charge however we do always try to advise the correct going rate, one that enables a quicker let but also gives more people the opportunity to live in that property.

What we can do at Outlet is offer a cash back service for letting a property through us. In fact we give £100 back should you chose to use us to rent a property. You may see properties advertised through a multitude of agents however we are the only one that can actually save you money. So should you see a property that you wish to view, consider what fees those agents are going to charge you and before registering with them give Outlet a call!

Not only will you get £100 back on us securing you a new home but we have also slashed our admin fees to that of the lowest around. Our administration fees are currently only £70 (plus VAT) for anyone renting through us for Feb, March and April. Compare that to other agents whose fees are nearly all in excess of £250 with some of the more infamous companies nearing close to £500!

Outlet not only saves you money but makes the cost of moving a little more bearable. Think about letting us find you that right property and keep some money in your pocket!

Other reasons for choosing Outlet

Much cheaper fees for previous customers
The cheapest administration fees around at only £70 (plus VAT) – includes referencing and contracts

Offering you legal protection
We are governed and abide by strict codes of practise

A professional and approachable team
Outlet is made up of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable property team – meet the people behind the company that looks after the needs of all it customers

Participating in Giving Back
We aim to give back too, planting trees for every property we let and sell

And even more about Outlet
Find out more about the Company who consistently strive to provide new and better services whilst at the same time always staying completive and cost effective for our customers

Sound renting advice
We also have some great advice on renting property.

We hope to service you property needs in the near future. Please feel free to contact us should you have any burning property questions.

Outlet – finding people homes since 1995




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