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Getting into Estate Agency

Exciting new position

Getting into Estate Agency - Do you have a passion for property? A day in the life of a property negotiator

MONDAY - FRIDAY (working as a property negotiator)

8:30 am
Arrive at the office, make a cup of tea/coffee and prepare for your morning meeting.

8.45 am – 9:15 am Morning meeting
Your morning meeting is a very important start to your working day. You will attend the meeting with your manager and the rest of your team and discuss;

  • What viewings took place the day before. 
  • Share ideas about overcoming any objection other negotiators might have encountered whilst viewing available properties (stock).
  • What applicants have been registered, questions that may have not been asked when registering, what properties they would be best matched to.
  • Assessing applicant and property owners motivation level and how best to process the sale or let of their property.

9:15 am-10:00 am Chase ups
This time would be for you to chase any enquires that have came through over night and to speak to potential tenants to take offers on properties you might have viewed in the days leading up.

10:00 am- 12:00 pm Call out time
Call out time is simple. You would concentrate on booking as many viewings on as many properties as possible. Confirming the booked appointments with your Vendors (sellers) or Landlords (if applicable) and documenting these appointments in the relevant places for admin purposes and performance tracking. These viewings take place throughout the afternoon and into the evening. Fewer viewings, fewer sales / lettings - it's as simple as that.

Calls would probably go something along the line of :
Negotiator  "Hi Mrs Jones, its X from Outlet Property Services, how are you today?"
Mrs Smith  "Hi X I’m fine thanks, how are you?
Negotiator  "Great thanks, I’m just giving a quick call to see if you’re still looking for a 2 bed flat?"
Mrs Smith  "Yes I am, what have you got?"
Negotiator  “Ok I’ve just been instructed on a lovely 1 bed, it’s in very good condition, has a big bedroom, garden and its circa 5-7 minutes walk to the tube station that goes straight into central London. It also comes well within your budget, what day would you like to go and have a look?”
Mrs Smith  "How does tomorrow sound?"
Negotiator  "Tomorrow is good, am or pm?"
Mrs Smith  "Let’s do it on my lunch break, so how does 12 noon sound?"
Negotiator  “Great, would you like to meet me at the property or here at the office?”
Mrs Smith  "I’ll be driving so I’ll meet you there."
Negotiator  "Great, see you then, give me a call if you run into any problem and I’ll do the same."
Mrs Smith  "Will do see you then, bye."

12:00 pm-3:00 pm Lunch and Viewings
This time is specifically to carry out as many viewing appointments, so you’ll have pockets full of keys and be running around trying to do as many viewings as possible and squeeze in a bit of lunch in between. This is NOT a job you’ll be able to take a 1 hour lunch break.  In estate agency negotiators don’t do long lunches.

"The viewing is the time when your interpersonal skills really come into play. You must create a rapport with the applicant in a short period of time, getting to understand their needs and tastes."

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm Call out time
You will be finishing calling through the list from the morning, chasing up the people you have left messages for in order to maximise the number of viewings achieved.
This job is about numbers and the understanding of them. Every door you open is a new opportunity to earning commission.

4:30pm – 6:00 pm (& up to 7.00 pm)Viewing time
Once again this time is solely dedicated to showing all the properties you can.

SATURDAY (one in four)

11:00 am till early afternoon (approximately 3pm)
This time is again to conduct as many appointments as possible, taking out all the people with the more demanding week day schedules who want to view your properties.

A property career at Outlet

We employ only the best, and encourage them to surpass their and our expectations. Our young, dynamic workforce creates a vibrant, energetic office – fun to work in, focused on success and dedicated to bringing out the best in one another. We offer a generous salary package, a career with real prospects and the tools with which you can forge your own success.

Our continued expansion into new areas and sectors means that we are always interested in discussing opportunities with those who satisfy our core values of professionalism, care, dedication to our customers and a desire to succeed. Previous sales experience is useful, but not required, as we put more stock in your potential than your history.

To find out more about working at Outlet, or specific positions that are available right now, contact Iain Hawke by email ( or write (enclosing your CV and a covering letter) to:

Outlet Residential
Attn: Iain Hawke
58 Broadwick Street

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