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Financial Services

Outlet money

Outlet has always been at the cutting edge of the property lettings market in London. Having started out 15 years ago as a lettings agent, Outlet has over time extended its friendly services to holiday lettings abroad, property sales, flat-dating for tenants and landlords, to name a few. We are now delighted to offer you our newest exciting addition - Outlet Money.  

Whether you are a first time buyer or a seasoned buy-to-let investor, you will have the adviser’s full attention and support of an excellent administration team. To keep things flexible and convenient for you, the advisers can meet you in our offices in Soho, at your workplace or home. To find out more about the different services available, please click on one of the banners below.

At its very core, a mortgage is very simple- it is a loan on the property you are purchasing used as a security for the lender providing the loan. However with dozens of lenders and hundreds of mortgages on the market it is essential to seek knowledgeable and impartial mortgage advice. READ MORE

Life Assurance
Most people insure their cars, their home and even their phones these days but how many of us have insured the most precious thing we have - our life? If you were to die, life insurance will not replace you or bring you back. It will however make the life of your loved ones easier and more secure. READ MORE

Critical Illness Cover
In financial terms a serious, life threatening illness can have a major impact on you and your loved ones. You could lose your ability to earn money forever, plus require extra medical care, may be a live-in carer and expensive treatments. Critical Illness Cover could be invaluable if serious illness strikes. READ MORE

Income Protection
The average annual income in UK is around £24,000. If we assume a working life of 45 years (although it seems we all will be working till 100 soon), during their working life a person has the capacity to earn well over £1m. Your ability to earn is your most expensive asset. What if this ability was taken away, temporarily or, in some cases, completely? Could you cope financially? READ MORE

Buildings and Contents Insurance
Buildings and Contents Cover serves two related purposes: firstly, it protects the bank's or buildings society's asset that is used as security for the mortgage. Secondly, it protects the owners assets, both the property itself and belongings kept within the property. READ MORE

Financial Planning, Pensions, Wills and Trusts
Most people will agree that we live in very turbulent times economically. When discussing finances, two things often become apparent - everybody has an opinion and a take on the current situation we are in and, many people take the "wait and see" approach, often followed by the "head in the sand" approach when thinking about their overall financial situation and future. But can you afford to wait? READ MORE

Parker RandallProperty accounting services
Outlet has teamed up with Parker Randall Chartered Accountants to offer more services to customers. As part of the joint venture, they will be providing tax-planning and accounting services for property investors.
More about property accounting services from Parker Randall

Helping you achieve financial freedom

As a valued customer of Outlet, we would like to invite you to meet with a friendly advisor from Outlet Money, who can help you with your mortgage and protection arrangements and furthermore introduce you to other valuable services and products that could help you achieve your financial goals quicker.

For honest impartial advice, please contact us on 0845 263 0008 to make an appointment or if you prefer you can  email us on  Alternatively,   please complete the form below and an adviser will be in touch in the next 24 hours.

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