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A Green Letter From Josh

A Letter from Joshua Rafter

All the small stuff adds up to big stuff by Joshua Rafter

I’m not an eco-warrior by any means; more of an eco-worrier. All this stuff about global warming concerns me deeply. I worry about pollution, about land fill, about CO2 emissions; all the big issues. Trouble is, it’s easy to think they’re just too big for me to solve – so why bother trying?

I can’t deny, I love everything associated with modern life; my 42” TV, mobile, car; all the stuff we take for granted these days. And I’m not about to go live in a hut I crafted myself from dung and hay bales.

So where’s the compromise?

It’s simple. There are plenty of things every single person can do to be a bit greener. Think about it. If all we did was recycle 1 tin a week each, that’s 312 million tins recycled each year. Sounds a lot doesn’t it? Did you know one recycled tin can also power a TV for 3 hours! Are you getting the picture?

So, I’m trying to be that bit greener. To take responsibility for myself at least, and all the energy I use. Because it all really does adds up. If everybody thinks a little bit more, is a bit more aware and a bit more pro-active, we can turn small changes in to big differences.

The link below is a list of easy ways to save energy and recycle. Some things you can start doing immediately (and they may make you wonder why you’re not doing them already). Some things will need a bit more investment. All are worthwhile and most will save you money too.

If I can encourage all of Outlet’s landlords and tenants to be a bit greener too, well maybe that does make me an eco-warrior after all.

Take a peek at how you can make a difference too

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